Sainsbury's SaveBack

A unique way of saving

SaveBack from Sainsbury’s B@nk is the first ever UK service to let customers save money when they pay for their shopping using a debit card in all main Sainsbury's stores.

How can I SaveBack?

When you open an account with the SaveBack facility, you’ll receive your SaveBack card. Then you can SaveBack when you pay for your weekly shopping, just:

  • Hand your debit card and SaveBack cards to the cashier at the same time
  • Tell the cashier how much you would like to save - you can save from 1p to £2,500 at the checkout and up to £9,000 with a supervisor
  • You'll get a receipt confirming your deposit
  • Your savings account will be credited the next working day (when your deposit will start earning interest)

Why use SaveBack?

Why use SaveBack? There's no limit to the amount of SaveBack deposits you can make. However, bear in mind if you make multiple large deposits your B@nk may want authorisation from you.

  • Save while you do your weekly shop
  • Easy to save regularly
  • Quick, convenient and secure
  • Available whenever the main Sainsbury's stores are open

Where can I use SaveBack?

SaveBack is available at all main Sainsbury's stores, during opening hours. Use our store locator to find a store near you that offers this service.